Dr. Antivirus: Remove Malware App Reviews

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Very Good.

Great app!

This app works pretty good, simple, fast and efficient. Thanks.

This app is paid, but claims to be free

To fix you need to buy. That the application doesn’t inform on description, losing credibility. Para funcionar você precisa pagar. Isso não é informado na descrição, perdendo credibilidade.


I really like it this app, brings me a little bit more of safety.

Nice Scan

Very good! Congratulations!

Don’t Work

I paid the Pro-version intending to wipe all the virus out. Instead, my mac virus problem remain for a month untill I dowloaded the avast anti-virus. Very desapointing.

Great app!!!

It works perfectly.

Just Awesome!

It works perfectly!! Great job from the developers...

Awesome App

The scanning was very thorough. Our company got hit with a virus. This is the program we were told to download and use. It was very easy to download and set up and use. Lucky for me it didn’t find anything but it did on others. Love it!

Hate paid apps

Tells you there are issues without any details at all… and asks you to pay to fix. Its like those shaddy mechanics who charges you and arm and leg for fixing nothing.


It took a few hours to scan , then it found a “virus". Then they want you to buy an upgrade to get rid of the “virus” . I wouldnt bother with this app


It did a full scan… then found two issues… forced me to pay for cleaning them. I paid. It then demanded that I re-download the app. This i did not do as that would likely have made my first payment null and void and I would not be able to get my money back. So I tuned everything off. It would not allow me to do that. I had to force it to quit. Then, after several more restarts of my computer, and rescans, it began to work OK - or so i think… Hummm


Pay to see results. Scamware. Should be nuked from the app store. Not to mention it’s trying to tell me a fresh install with only official apple apps has 2500+ issues. Lol good one.

anti bug

thank you its awesome app

MacVs PC

So far i like this app . but im new to Mac OS, coming from PC. i just want a safer Internet experiance .

Works very well!!

Keeps my computer clean of viruses and have never had a virus problem since I installed it. Great app!!

Great Worth Having!

Did quick scan, found no virus’s, resulting in peace of mind.

DOES NOT WORK— I want my money back

This app just does not work. The scan reported about 39 problems and prompetd me to purchase the app to fix it, which i did. Instead of fixing it, its prompting me to purchase the app again. I resarted the app and scanned again with same results. I am thoroughlly annoyed and i want my money back even if it was only 3 bucks.

Love this app

It’s free and does a great job. You may want to look at thier other apps that offer cleaning and optimizing your mac as we’ll as help you eliminate duplicate files so you get the most out of your laptop! :)

Good ,simple

Great off the bat, 2virus found and removed.

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