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helped me remove virsus crazy mugsssss

Easy to download and then I had a problem...

I downloaded this softward on my Mac, after using it on my MacAir. All went well, except that I didn’t really understand each step, did I need it? Was it something extra? and what was next for me to to do. Not everyone actually gets software and knows each step autumomatically. Then, it said to restart and my screne went black, dead. I tried to restart and it would and then go black. Went to bed to get a new perspective in the morning. Now, with my Mac dead, I couldn’t get on here to ask the question or make sure of what I bought with each having names so similar. I started it and it would not load. So I started it again holding down the shift key and it loaded. All looks good, but now my photo software will not work, it’s just dead when I try to edit a picture. And, I can hear my system running alot, everything is slower when I try go from one to another. Can someone help me with this?

Terrific App

A 5+ APP!!! So glad I got it … it saved my data AND my job!

works great for free!

Awesome and very quick


For me this was a USERFRIENDLY option without all the hassels of going through navigation of multiple steps to clear, cleanup, bring to attention all the evil stuff in our systems, this was excellent, thank you,awesome software.

Rating as requested.

This is the content of this form; or rather, the lack thereof.

World class app

Easy to download and cleaned everything.

A bit complicated

I found some things in the toolbox complicated to understand. The scan and adware cleaning were flawless! I was very pleased. I’m at the point of upgrading. I need help removing many old emails that hackers put on in the form of mostly newsletters. Can you help me remove old emails? I mean 1000’s!

Never will I have malware again!

This app always helps me know if I have malware or adware.I wonder if it protects against ransomware or spyware.I am thankful for this app.Thank you!

very easy and effective!

I am very happy with this app! it cleaned up my Mac crazy fast and easy! I am not that tech savvy, so I was worried I wouldn’t really understand what it might do. But it was pretty straightforward and a chinch to use. Highly recommend!

Malwarebytes for Mac vs Dr. Antivirus Suite

…. Well pro only cost me $60 dollars due to an error with the app store. I realize this isn’t the software’s fault but I hope the Customer Service Rep with Apple was honest that I will be refunded the excess Premium charges for two subscriptions I don’t need or want…. :-( I would love to see this software get out of the Mac App Store due to tracking and strange memory glitches. TrendMicro is the database creator, there must be something you can develop similar to Malwarebytes or… Something. :-) Good luck…. I’ll be very un-ammused if I am charge the entire $60+. . . Silly Apple glitches! :-/ <3

Just started with this tool, but I think I’m going to like it..

I have been using Trend Micro’s Dr Cleaner Pro for several years and have really liked it’s ease of use and how comprehensive it is. Thought I’d give Dr. AntiVirus a run based on my experiences with Dr. Cleaner Pro. I like it thus far.

My initial scan came up good!

Back in the old days, the problems of keeping my Mac clean were rather simple. Now some of the malware out there is pretty scary. Worse, some of the most invasive scams are perpetrated by so-called “anti-virus” software. Still, Mac problems have the same main limitation they’ve always had: They have to trick you into putting in your password to get into something. However, today’s pirates freeze up your screen or make the keyboard unresponsive. Testing files for malware on the fly seems to miss some stuff. I like Dr. Antivirus’s scanning process. When I receive an email offering to upgrade my Adobe Reader, I already know that Adobe doesn’t send update links; they direct you to their official website. So when you get a request to update, run the scan. It’s really that simple.

True to its advertising claims

My first time using this security software and happy to find it was easy to use! I will up grade to Pro soon. Thank you!

The Best

The Best

Dr. Antivirus

Really haven’t had it installed long enough to write any praise just yet. That being said, they haven’t done anything to arouse my ire; and that’s always a good thing.


Somehow a screen popped up my mac saying that I had a virus, it looked authentic from Apple. But people say always check with the original website before clicking. It was a scam. When I r an Dr Antivirus, it took awhile, but said I have no virus. So I feel much better. Beward of fake news and scammers. And use this virus check from Dr Antivirus.


I had recently downloaded something without taking any precautions and I had ended up with something called “Chill-Tab.” In short, this malicious adware seeks to steal your personal information. When I found this adware on my Google Chrome application, I instantly booted up Dr. Antivirus to solve my problems. Let me tell you: It absolutely did. I did a few deep scans and adware removal processes and all traces of adware and malware had been exterminated! Thank you Dr. Antivirus!

Finally auto pattern update, but still flawed...

Automatic pattern update only on startup, not on a schedule… Needs to be able to be scheduled. Reports Mac as “unprotected” if you won’t install their browser extension, e.g. “enable Web Threat Protection" (which is not even in the Safari extensions gallery or Mac App Store in Mojave beta). This is ridiculous. Stop reporting Macs as “unprotected” because they don’t want to install your bloatware. Do the job at hand (antivirus) and leave it at that.

Nice (one star reviews are crazy)

I have no reason to give it less than five stars. I’ve seen a fair amount of reviews stating that the app doesn’t warn you that the upgrade is an ongoing subscription, Dr. Antivirus slows down your computer or that it actually puts viruses/malware on your computer as it scans. Neither of these are sensible notions, nor did my experience back up any of them. The reoccurring charges are clearly mentioned and nothing turned up on my first scan. In addition, it’s weird to be so critical of an app that has passed Apple’s review process. I’ve created iOS apps for Apple, and apps aren’t approved willy-nilly.

Found 3 viruses

Computer was acting slow and was low on memory, so i purchased this app to discover 3 bad viruses on my computer. Needless to say, it was a good investment and would reccommend this software to others who are unsure of their computers security. Cheap and effective.

Love it!

Great App. Easy to fallow. Very fast…love it!

Not that good...

Dr. antivirius didn’t see (nor remove) the MacKeeper malware. I then used the Thor anti-virius that i downloaded from the app store last year and it quickly identified & eliminated the Mackeeper.


This app does what its supposed to do. no pop ups. scans and protects. i recommend it to all

Not a free app

Thought this was a free app. When it got to the ‘clean’ stage you had to buy/subscribe to clean. That said, it worked as advertised and $19.99/year is relatiely cheap.

Effective Antivirus

Seems to work as described. Ive been using this program for several months now and it has picked up on several viruses quick;y. Alerts were quick and gave me enough time to scan and remove before too much damage happened. I run it while browsing and have run into a few problems but it effectively alerted. I’ll continue to use it and keep my system clean and running smooth. I plan on reviewing again in another month with further updates.


it scanned and it found 0 viruses good to make sure… thanks a lot …. but wish if u can speed up the scan time GREAT 5 STAR APP THANKS

Virus Scan

It was A Very Quick Scan, And I am Impressed at how Fast it was Completed!, And Do Hope that it Will Be Accurate!, As to If there Is A Virus Present Or Not!, Thank You!

No-nonsense app

Easy to run and understand, easy to run.


A great app thats easy to use! Had used a different service that worked ok but this app seems to go deeper (and seemed faster). Gotta wait til payday but will buy the pro version! The other app was TWICE the price. Thank You!

Dr. Antivirus

This app is really good if you have a MacBook Pro its a must have App keep up the good work guys.


This app works, it just works

Uses too much systems resources

After installing this software the Macbook Por 17 inch started spinning fans all the time. Took the machine to Genius bar and they uninstalled this app and the companion Dr. Clenaer. Now my machine runs quiet and no fan spinning. I paid for the app and I guess it is a waste.

Great app so far

To the people giving this one star reviews saying this installs a virus so you will always have one, thats not true. My first scan didnt find any issues (bc I’m usually not an idiot downloading stuff willy nilly duh). Will update review after few months of use. Great app!


Download it to be sure you won’t have any malwares.

Great app

Great app! Does what needs to be done!

Dr antivirus

I have DR Antivirus only one week working in my computer is excellent until now. I give to this soft wear 4 stars instead of 5 becuase only has one week working in my computer. I encourage to trend Micro company development one VPN software. If you do so i Will Buy.. Thaks for your service


Very Good. ok

didn’t get rid of...

the dreaed Mackeeper malware/virus.

Automatic updates what

Who write a program that protects a computer and must bbe up to date for the latest attack and doesn’t add automatic up dates???? Moving on to more professional software provider.

Dr. Antivirus Review

Very simple to install and use. Program was very effective in identifying issues and then eliminating them. I also debated between purchasing 12 months vs. 1 month, 1 month won. Two Thumbs Up!

Worked okay for a while

The software continues to ask me to upgrade, although I have. The restore subscription feature returns no response (loading graphic just spins, then times-out). The support site seems shaky with a “Virtual Chat Bot” answering questions about “Mac.” Not sure this is the right antivurus for me.

it’s a SPAM

after installation and paid for the app. I ran the scan and remove some malware. There are few issues I have with this app 1 - The SmartScan is turn off from time to time. You have to continually click enable to activate it. 2 - The app will continuously open a browser (a link) to their other product. It’s totally inacceptable to be put in this situation where your browser keep on opening a tab asking you to download another app. 3 - The Web Threat Protection is also behaving like SmartScan. You need to check it after few minutes to activate it. And everytime you click to turn it on. It will open a tab to their product. I hope Apple will look into this matter. As I was writing this reveiew; there are 6 tabs already open asking me to download their other product.

Purchase review

Scan did find some issues and said it fixed them but there was no clear mention that it had to be purchased in the Apple App store. Granted it did not say it was free. Ran full scan and it took overnight (seems excessive for 215G) and found 22 issues but wouldn’t fix them unless I bought it so I felt like a hostage and paid my money. Would have liked to have been told upfront. Purchased a year for $19.95 versus $1.99 per month and will give it a try. Run it and it seems to work, the percentage complete runs up to 99% quickly and stays there for a LONG time. It would be nice if it gave actual percentage complete and estimated time to complete.

Dr. Antivirus

Wow ! Excellent antivirus scanner and more . Simple to install and use , and a very competitive price considering all this app features. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Great app.

I downloaded this app to ensure the security of my mac, and was not disappointed. Moreover, I was also checking if the initial scan over-reports on detecting malware. As I rarely download anything, I was almost positive that my mac is secure. I downloaded the app and scanned, and miraculously no viruses were found. Great app, easy to use, does not tell over sweep the computer.

save yourself time and hassle and dont get this app. You can’t stop the subscription

This app didnt even find a number of infections on my mac. I downloaded a free one because i had to for school. I thought “Dr. Antivirus was doing its job. And now I cant even find out how to stop this app. i emailed them waiting for reply now. if no reply then i have to go to apple and see if they can help. save yourself some time.

nice work


Like the dental monitor commercials

It will show you the virus. But you have to pay an ongoing fee to remove.

Perfect In my Opinion.

Really helped out my computer. Got rid of adware and two viruses that I couldn’t do anything about without Dr. Antivirus. Worth the price.

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