Dr. Antivirus: Remove Malware アプリのレビュー


Cant tell yet. But first scan found 10 yet how do I know. Just have Apple store confidence. OK 5 * first scan.

How to Cancel/Upgrade subscription explained:

You are UNABLE to cancel subscription directly within the Dr. Antivirus app. You are ABLE to upgrade subscription directly within the Dr. Antivirus app. To cancel follow these instructions: (you are also able to upgrade subscription this way as well). Open the App Store. With the App Store as the active application select the Store tab. (Located at the top of the screen in the grey bar, to the right of the little black apple icon). From Store tab within the drop down menu select, View My Account. From the View My Account page scroll down to the section titled Manage. Within the Manage section, under Subscriptions select Dr. Antivirus to Cancel or Upgrade your subscription (click the blue Manage link).

Thank you for an effective app!

It’s a good app and always seems to catch the viruses and malware!

No more viruses

I got a trojan horse virus on my computer without knowing. I ran the scan and found 2. I went to my downloads folder and deleted them. This app saved me a lot of hassle even without the subscription!

So Far So Good and FAST!

Early user, and so far it is living up to its promise. We’ll see in a month.

How do i get rid of my credit card on this app?

How do i get rid of my credit card i don’t wanna get charged every month for this cause i just bought a 3 dollar thingy.

good for novices

Sleek and simple, good choice for novices

Dr. Antivirus

İts a good app i liked it.

Trend Micro Dr. Antivirus

I just purchased Trend Micro Dr. Antivirus and on the initial scan, it found two viruses and eliminated them. It’s just what the Dr. ordered!

Not happy.

Installed Dr Antivirus and bought year subscription. Browsers do not work as expected because of interference from Dr Antivirus. After several days of frustration, I’ve uninstalled Dr Antivirus and canceled my subscription, even though it still has several months to go. I’m writing the experience off as bad debt.


Probably one of the most affordable virus apps that do the job for me. I noticed my mac runs alot faster after I run the ap. Thank you Dr Antivirus

Great product

Love using this to clean up and protect my Mac. highly reccomended!


This app is literaly just love in a app

Improved Interface and Effective at Protecting from Bad Web Sites

I’ve used several antivirus apps in the App Store, but found Dr. Antivirus the easiest to use. It’s protected me from accessing one website because of potential malware while browsing with Safari. Sometimes I use other browsers. My wish list would include adding protection for other browsers. Otherwise, I think it is the best antivirus and malware app in the store.

Love it

its simple and it does the jon :) for free even is good :D


My Mac would not boot and constantly froze at 2/3 in startup mode. I ran this from an external startup drive I got to from holding the option key when powering up. I chose the external drive for startup, ran the Dr. Antivirus and it found a virus that was hidden somewhere in the system folder. Deleted the virus and the mac runs perfect now.

Good Product

I have been using this for ~ 1 year. The product is clean, fast, easy to use and does not slow anything down. The product seems to work well with my MacBook Pro. Updates load easily and install quickly. The menus are intuitive.

Easy to Use with Peace of Mind

I was able to scan my Mac in a manner of a few minutes versus hours back in the days when I was a PC user. While Macs have nowhere near the susceptability to viruses that PC’s do, it’s useful to have an Antivirus program on a Mac anyway for peace of mind. Use it in connection with Dr. Cleaner for optimized results.

Pretty good

Works well and is easy to use.

the only Mac Anti Virus you need!

I do enjoy it and it worth the price.

Great app

Does the job it says it will. Can’t ask for more than that.

I am New to Mac

I find this app very clear and simple to use. Seems to actually work.

I rated it

I was tired of the software asking me to rate this, so here it is. It appears to work. I dont know for sure because Im not a software engineer. That being said, I believe it to work and I havent had any disastrous results from using the software, so Im assuming it works. There ya go.


Very Good

Scans for free, but you have to pay to clean

Not recommended. After scanning for a long time, it found 1 virus. Then it said that I have to pay to clean. No thanks. There are better programs that can do the same job for free.

Crashes & Stalls

Crashes every time. Now uninstalled. A previous version seemed to work well/fast light. This version: worthless. Don’t know why they had to upgrade. Wish I hadn’t. AVOID.

scan scam

This program scans for free then charges you $19 a year to clean out a found virus.

Great App

I really like this app. Whenever I open something suspicious or want to check I open this app and within seconds have my answer.


Love it and i would recommend it to anyone





Hard to prove a negative AND UPDATE

Before getting Dr. Safety, safety warnings would frequently pop up when I was online and tell me there was a need to download this or that upgrade to an existing application. I didn’t realize that the warnings WERE the malware. After the initial run of Dr. Safety found and eliminated said malware, regular scans have shown a clean machine. Using this in conjunction with Dr. Cleaner seems to have kept my MBPro working much more efficiently than before. Plus, I feel reassured. Update: 26 Sept 2017 RUnning the program periodically, seems to be working, but as I said before, it’s hard to prove a negative, but I’m satisfied that no viruses (virae?) show up. Since I”m not a hard-core techno-ace (maybe soft-core), I don’t know enough to hunt through the system files and eliminate bad stuff without a helper, so depending on programs such as the Trend Trio is important.


this company always makes great products!


Can someone please tell me how to unsubscribe. Trend has been charging me for the past few months and I don't know how to stop it. Please help me. Thank You in advance.

Fake virus scan report

This antivirus produce fake report about viruses that are found to make you purchase the subscription. I have run a scan and App found 5 files that have been infected and I almost purchased and upgrade to clean “viruses” immediately.but then I become suspisios because infected files were .exe nad .include files and this is a fresh matchbook pro. So I have run bitfinder to verify results and guess what? NO viruses were found! I could not belive it so to be completely sure I opend a terminal and ran a find comand to find those “infected” files and to my mac and files do not exist! here is the result: Igors-MBP:~ root# find / -name ishell.include -print find: /dev/fd/3: Not a directory find: /dev/fd/4: Not a directory Igors-MBP:~ root# I can’t belive reputable company sells product that itself is an adware! This product need to be removed from Apple App Store. This app need to be removed from app store.

Cannot stop or change subscription

I bought this app through the App Store but there is no way via the app to change or stop the subscription. And I see no way through the App Store to make any changes either. There was no account set up through Trend Micro when I purchased the app so Trend Micro doesn’t even have my purchase information showing anywhere that I can find. I received a receipt from the App Store when I purchased the app but there is no order number specific to Trend Micro. I could not find any help on Trend Micro’s websitebut was able to send an email with my concerns via the app and I am waiting to see if I get a response. I also sent a message to Apple via the App Store and am awaiting a response. I no longer need or want this app because the computer it is running on is going to be sold or recycled.

Great app

Good & fast. Very easy to use!

Possible malware.

I don’t have time to write a good review, but this was used by OpenAnyApp. Together, they destroyed a download of OD X 10.x.

A good solution for Mac Virus/Malware

Runs quick with low impact to resources. Does good in national lab reports, inexspemsive and comes with lots of free bells and whistles, what’s not to like? Has WAY fewer problems than Sophos, which hinders performance at times. 10 yr Mac vet.

Fast and intuitive

I like how easy this program is to use. I like the intuitive features and it feels cathartic when deleting something.


This app is great I would download music off of Youtube and when I downloaded them a message would pop up saying I had viruses I had used another virus scanner and it always said I didn’t have anything but I got very parinod and came to this app and I showed I had 2 viruses they were flash installers so they were very easy to get rid of and weren’t that harmful but It really goes and looks at everything GREAT APP!!

Good product

Does what it is supposed to do

Are We Sure This App is Not Malware?

My Mac was running slow a few months ago and had some popup ads for security issues and potential threats, etc.I couldn’t control. I purchased the App, which requires several in-app purchases to actually do anything. Then my Mac got worse. I ran this app and its add-ons and it wasn’t locating the problem. I eventually had so many windows popping up and contant fishing scams popping up and fake virus reports and scam support windows that the Mac was unusable. I’m not sure if this app and its add-on apps were inadequate ofr they were the actual problem. I spent a day looking for traces of various malware and delting it. I further suspected this app, because I tried to delete Dr. Cleaner and I couldn’t it because it was opened, but it couldn’t be closed, or even located wih Finder in Applications or Utilities. I did find it it Activity Monitor and turned it off an dfinally deleted it. At this point, I don’t know if any malware has collected my credit card info or passwords, because there was clearly malware of various types while I thought my Macbook Pro was pretected by these Trend Micro apps. This set of apps either is a failure and does not protect the MacBook Pro, or this set of apps is, itself, invasive and predatory. Another possibility is that Trend’s website was in a hacked/redirect state when I purchased my apps from them, so it was never really them. That’s a possibility. In that case, Trend may not be evil, but is it competent?


I own a brand new, 27’ iMac 5k Retina, completely maxed out with the solid state 1TB HD, 32Gb of DDR3 RAM and after copying the contents from my circa 2010 MacBook Pro onto the desktop as a secondary HD (approx 300gb) my brand new, $4,000 machine started poop’n the bed, so to speak; behaving and preforming about as impressively as the white 13” macbook I had in high school. Clearly, the addition of the 17” MacBook’s contents onto my hard drive had come packaged with an unwelcome guest or two, so I went to the now-utterly-and-completely useless excuse that Apple calls an app store and attempted to search for, and purchase the sort of thing one might expect to find in an app store; an anti-virus app that was at least SOMEWHAT competent at preforming the one and only task it was purportedly engineered to carry out-finding and eliminating viruses. As you have probably guessed by now, this app FAILS at this task. The bigger issue here, folks, is that this is about the 15th “application” I have wasted my hard earned money on at the Apple App store. In fact, Im actually having a difficult time recalling the last time I bought an app on their app store that provided 1/10th the functionality that it’s description claimed. In this particular instance, a cheesy little window opens, with precisely one option available! "Start Scan." Of which folders? Which HD’s? What to look for? Advanced options? Who needs those? Its LITERALLY a fake app. With this heaping, steaming pile of garbage masquerading as an anti-virus application, you see a % ticker slowly build that, I’m assuming, is supposed to reflect the portion of the “job” that’s been completed thus far. Unfortunately, I’ve tried running this “craplication” on 4 other machines that have nothing to do with my particular set of files, viruses, etc and found that the end result was PRECISELY identical to the “result” I am given when I attempt to run it. The ticker slowly builds to 99%. It shows that there are zero viruses detected until you reach about 80%, at which point it starts going berserk, and, magically, it starts finding and detecting viruses! All right! Here we go! Right? ‘Fraid not folks. Where are these mysterious virus'? Which viruses has it found, and what are they effecting? What is the severity? All kind of apres pos questions, imo, but unfortunately, the “developer” doesnt feel such uselesss details ought to be provided. Details? Pfff! Details matter not, my dear readers! So, EVERY TIME you attempt to run this steaming pile, by 99% completion of the purported scan, the ticker ALWAYS stops abruptly, the virus count stops at 30, and….wait for it…...the magical rainbow-colored pinwheel shows up and starts spinning! Uhh… Winning! Then the craplication informs you that your RAM (32Gb in my case, 64Gb on the machine at my office I tried it on) is simply insufficient. So, unless you’re able to produce a magic wand and force it to reach 100% completion, the one and only option it gives you is ironically akin to the one and only option I feel Apple gives me every time I sit down and wake up my computer: FORCE QUIT. Four different machines, four different users, four completely different arrays and complexions of file types, all on hardware less than a year and a half old, and, remarkably, the exact same result EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. “Your system has run out of memory>Force quit any open applications in order to continue…” Of course there ARENT any open applications, ever, and the screen always shows 99% completion and always claims to have detected precisely 30 viruses. Other than freezing and having the rainbow pinwheel and error message pop up, NO OTHER INFORMATION IS PROVIDED in any way shape or form. MASSIVE FAIL. Apple. Please. No, really, PLEASE. PLEASE STOP SELLING, AND DISTRIBUTING GARBAGE APPS TO YOUR LOYAL AND LOVING CUSTOMER BASE. The astounding caliber of inefficacy that the Apple brand/store now gushes from nearly every single orifice has reached the point where it is now indistinguishable from standard, everyday fraud, and as the consumers of this product and this platform, we need to start taking action, otherwise, the Apple experience and the reputation that Jobs’ unparalleled leadership was directly responsible for, is going to go the way of the DODO bird. Nuff said.


At first yeah I thought it was a good app but then I turned on the safari safe link thing and everynow and then I get these messages saying 14 virus found! when there is no virus, I also found a few grammar mistakes which makes me question it alot more. I would be very suspicious of this app to anyone who is reading this.

Sneaky and Deceptive

Downloaded for free. Ran scan and found 14 supposed problems. Then they said scan was free, but removal would cost me $2/month or more. They showed me how to manage/cancel subscription. It took me 30 minutes to cancel. There is no 24/7 support, just a very dumb bot. Deceptive at best.

Don’t Download doesn’t work

I have dowload and upgrate since I have a adware and virus in the system. Well didn’t work, I still have the same issue just trown my money away don’t do the same.

Amazing App

Great app, works well.


Does anyone know how to unsubscribe from the pro version? I’m paying a $1.99 for nothing. Takes up too much space.

Huge processor load and impact on computer reliability.

I just finished uninstalling and cancelled mt subscription. My 2016 MacBook m5 had been performing poorly for the past several weeks. Though I can’t conclusively prove it was due to Trend Micro, I can say that activity monitor was reporting it using over 100% when I just went to check about 20 minutes ago. Reason I checked is my computer started acting up again and was getting very hot. Also, it recently stated I had several viruses, which of course prompted me to scan, and then it found nothing.

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