Dr. Antivirus: Remove Malware アプリのレビュー

Be on the lookout

Program worked alright until I discovered it had installed random password protected files on my mac (probably in attempts to steal some sort of info). It was a quick uninstall after that. Program also claimed that I had a virus, yet my Kaspersky Pro could find no such thing. Seemed like a poor attempt to push consumers to upgrading.

Basic Enough - Does not scan all files

I really was not sure about this program. If I go to the actual Trend Micro website, this product is no where mentioned on that site. Search for Dr. Antivirus, and it does not come up. There is a completely different product sold by Trend Micro at at a higher price than this program. I contacted Trend Micro and asked them about this. They did not have a specific answer except to refer me to drcleaner.com. So I am still wondering if this isn’t a “stripped down” version of what Trend Micro actually sells on their site. A bit odd. I have tried this product. It scanned through “all my files” rather too quickly as compared to other antivirus programs, making me wonder if it was actually scanning anything. I have over 50k files, and it completed in about a minute. Nothing was found, which is nice, but again I am left wondering about actually using this product for “real protection”. Some reviews online have said that the system resources taken up by this app are sizeable. I guess I didn’t see any slowness of my system when using it. I ran a scan (with the purchased version), and it said that I had no viruses found in the 8461 files it scanned. However, I have more than 52,000 files in my user folder. What gives? Why didn’t the other files get scanned? I don’t think the software actually tracks for maliscious sites. I put msn.com into the block list, and of course it immediately disallowed the site from being used. I would think that a list of sites would have already been created. For now, I am still searching for something that I can feel more confident about using.

Wow, this actually works

So normally I DO NOT write reviews or rate apps but this one helped me so much. I’m a college student so I live on my computer for assingments and alot of photoshop. I had alot of bad adobe zip files that were causing my computer to constantly freeze and I’d have to restart it every 5 minutes. Long story short I had 5 viruses and now i have 0.

A bit complicated

I found some things in the toolbox complicated to understand. The scan and adware cleaning were flawless! I was very pleased.

Way, way too slow

I don’t think it should take DAYS for the program to do a scan of my system. I started the current scan on Sunday afternoon and it is still at 99% on Tuesday morning. Something is wrong with the program to take this long to run.

Pure Junk

Pretty worthless. Amazingly, it finds one new virus right after you first install it and then wants you to pay to remove it. I suspect it loaded the virus as part of its marketing ploy. I removed the app and just went back to using Avast, a much better product.


First time using it! Super easy and quick :)

TROJ seems a little too obvious

I’m pretty sure that this program makes up a fake threat to encourage the purchase of the Pro program. It flagged two files who’s names both started with TROJ. That seems a little too obvious of a name for a virus. It said the files resided in an old program download from a very reputable source, so I’m just guessing that it picked a random target program that it knew I would most likely never use again. Perhaps this program works and is great when needed, but I strongly suspect that it fabricates threats when there are none just to sale you on the Pro version.

Great UX and app - however watch out on their charges….

Great app and UX I must say. Quick installation and quick removing of unwanted viruses etc. However, they are saying “in app-purchase” and guess what they are never prompting you at any time if you agree to get charged. No "do you agree to get charged to this” or similar. Even worse they are assuming you are signing up for a subscription without your prior consent. You’ll only find out when you get an email from Apple thast you have been charged. The only way to get rid of these charges is to go to your Itunes account and stop the subscription manually. However, this leaves you with 1 month to pay and a bitter taste. Apple support doesn’t really care about this it looks like. Too bad as the app is not bad at all….


Took a chance with this software and it works great. I only had one virus and it cleared my internet cache like nothing. My Mac runs faster and my internet sites load up like it did when I first got the Mac. I have the Dr. Cleaner Pro as well because I was impressed with the antivirus software. Cleared out my entire memory and my computer runs like a brand new one. Thank you so much for a great product and one I now trust.

Uses too much energy.

This app is great but my only issue is the amount of energy it uses when real time scan is enabled. According to activity monitor its average energy impact is over 100. Im hoping this can be improved but other than that this app preforms very well.

Relatively easy use; a good defense layer

Gave this a try after ransomware attack ( “Apple Support Center” warning of virus attack, and demanding a phone call and payments to ‘clean’ the computer - claimed they worked in ‘cupertino apple hq', but could not name the suburb they live in ; were obviously a hack shop in a subcontinent in Asia ). It works well. First full scan takes time. Found 2 viruses on first run. Update requires some manual interaction. You have to scan / clean under each user account, so that’s why not 5 stars, but it does the job quite well. Lots of updates have already been streaming in, so seems very actively updated. Overall, I recommend.

as advertise

awseome app

Big Mistake

I made a big mistake and a trojan virus got on my MacBook. I downloaded this app and found 13 viruses. OMG! Thank you so much for this app! Removed all 13 and now feel so much better! You have gained a happy customer!

Terrific Application

I used this just to check it out, and it performed nicely

I wouldn’t bother

I tried the free version to see if I’d like it. However, after the first couple of months, it kept nagging me to upgrade, yet when I tried to upgrade, after a very long pause, it would tell me that I had already upgraded. Yet it continued nagging me to upgrade. I finally got rid of it and am going to look for one less troublesome.

easy to use and it works!

I’ve been through a ton of antivirus malware you name them from the biggies MC——, Nor—— etc. And this app beats them all. Nver ahd a single issue. I have even been brave and used th Dr Cleaner and duplicate checker and recommend them as well. This is a keeper. Thank you for creating an affordable product that does what it says.



Found the one

I have tried out multiple antiviruses and was never sattsified until I found Dr. Antivirus. I downloaded the free version but I will be upgrading to the pro version.

exceptional app

Great app

Well now, I guess a Mac can have some problems after all!

Unexpected issue arose and since I was already using Dr. Cleaner, I decided to see what the Dr. Antivirus would show. Found two issues but had to pay to remove them. As the saying goes, you only get what you pay for. Bought it, cleaned it and fixed the problem. Ransomware shows up in the darnedest places I guess. This program got rid of it and never had the threat lock up my system. Money well worth spending. Prevented having to get the HD reimaged at the local certified Apple shop. Thanks Microtrend, Thumbs Up! I’ll definately reccommend this to any fellow Mac owners for ease of use and performance.

Dr Anti-Virus free scan

On my MB Pro i just use the scanner and it does EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do, now i feel more secure having an idea about whats on my computer. It’s fast and you can’t beat the price. Thank you Trend Micro:)

Not easy to cancel

I need you to cancel my subscription. Finding a way to do that seems impossible and/or not easy.

The Best!

Well, with a $4,000 MacBook Pro being operated, i dont want to catch a random virus that makes me buy a whole Mac all over again. This app is easy to use and is very useful especially when surfing through the web. Highly Recomended!

No auto updaet for malware/virus definition file

Ok, the product looks like to do it’s job… but the one thing I assumed it would do automaticly is to update its virus definition file, but no, it doesn’t…pretty annoying… and a number one priority for the next update in my view. I have the pro version.


easy to use and understand…very important. Some that I have used in the past should have been easier to get through the process. I like this one.

Did Not Totally Remove Worm nor Detect Another Trojan

I gave Dr Antivirus an honest chance and it FAILED. One of the top 3 reasons I switched to a Mac from a PC was because I was told I didn’t need antivirus software anymore. That was back in 2011. That obviously isn’t true anymore. My Mac got a nasty and lethal worm on it. Fortunatley, I realized it right away. I purchased Dr AntiVirus as it was the top rated security software listed in the app store. It was easy to use and after running a full scan, It appeared to have gotten the worm as I wasn’t receiving anymore rebooting error messages…even though it doesn’t specify exactly what it found other than calling everything ‘viruses.' However, after noticing my Mac still taking longer than usual to run apps, I decided to not take the risk and directly purchased from a website a different (well known) internet security software that I used to have on my PC. I am actually glad I did! Not only did this other antivirus software (that starts with an ’N’) detect and quarantine the worm that was STILL in my system, but it also detected another trojan malware that I wasn’t even aware my computer had. In fact, Dr Antivirus FAILED to detected 39 major security threats that this other software detected. 18 of which were instances of the worm that was still in my Mac’s system. When it comes to antivirus software for your computer, don’t rely on Dr Antivirus to protect it. It proved to me that it obviously won’t if it’s something serious.

Easy to use and works as advertised.

My other security software expired and decided to give Dr. Virus a try. I have been using it about 2 weeks, (Pro Version) I am pleased to report it is very easy to use and works as advertised. I like that it does a good job of removing the infections from my files, keeping the file intact and usable. The few files it identifies as unble to clean, it directs me to manually remove, which, if you know how, is generally easy on a MAC. If you do not know their are plenty of tutorials on the net to instruct you on how to do. I am a teacher and professional trainer. 3 to 5 times a week I am consulting and/or teaching, requiring me to “plug-in” my USB’s onto business and university computer AV systems. The amount of viruses and other junk on these machines is absolutly astounding. Even IT, finance and manufacturing companies that should be security alert and IT savvy! Most of these systems even do an automatic scan on plug-in. However virtually always when I do a scan later, my USB is newly corrupted. (This I assume is because they do not keep the virus definitions up to date giving them false security). My Pro Version also incorporates the Dr. Cleaner product. It also does a very good job to protect and free up memory on demand and preform all the features as advertised. I recommned both products.

Waste of time

They should maybe tell you it cost money to have them clean the viruses before i wasted my time waiting. Unbeleivable.

The Best Anti-Virus I have ever used!

I have been “into” Computers before there was a thing called MS-DOS! And when the World Wide Web started, I jumped in Feet First. The shock came along with that First Virus, and I have used many Anti-Virusus Protections Since then. Some even “felt” more Virus Like, than Viruses they were supposed to BLOCK. Not so for this. It is Quiet, Unobtrusive, “In the Back Ground”, BUT does The Job for my Apple Systems.


Its awesome and quick

Slow Sluggish

Ever since I loaded this my Macbook Pro is very slow on the internet and takes for ever to load a page, The mail app is also a little sluggish. I could of swore it also said a 30 day money back guarantee but now JACK with Dr. Antivirus told me to take that up with Apple. I would not reccomend this app to anyone

Before the Fact

So far so good, but then it’s easy to praise someone as your helpful friend before your moment of desperation arrives.

So far...

So far, it seems good. I had jumping cursor and after ran the program it disappeared. I want to see if it stays that way, if so, I will give it top rating


Don’t bother with this useless junk. Will tell you that your have a virus, but then directs you to pay to have to remove it. I wouldn’t trust that the virus actually exists, and that they don’t just want you to freak out and pay. That is a very widely used trick.

Paid but I cant access features

My subscription automatically renewed but I can’t access the features.

Worth It

There are very few malware, trojan, and virus options for attacking a Macbook but this program is the best for removing them. Worth the money.


love that its free and does the worth…not after your money like other companies

Great App

This is a great APP and I paid for the pro version subscription.

Does not work, dont waste your money

It did not work. I kept on paying for it monethly but it kept on saying upgrade to do this and that. I compained to Itune they didint do anything. I cannot contact the seller since it is so complicated. DO NOT PURCHE this.


this clean out all of the virus in. my Mac like any search and avandence Mac cleaner

As of now works just fine

As of now this app is working really nicely, the only thing i dont like is that i can’t close it all, i had a virus on my computer and its taken care of it, but when i thought it was the app, their was no way to close it and rule it out. Anyhow im happy with it, hope it continues to work as nicely as it is now.

Do it yourself

I had popups for a long time, and downloaded this app to find out if I had viruses. It found 11 on my first scan, but then told me I needed to pay to clean them. You can get around this. Instead of paying, just look up the file they tell you is infected and delete it, than emty your trash. Or, you can buy it and cancel your subscription after. Whatever works. Overall it helps to find it, but don’t waste your money for 20 seconds of work.

slow down computer

Installed and ran the app but found out it impacts high cpu usage...

Good when it’s working...

…problem is that a good portion of the time it’s not working. If you don’t open the main console and update the “pattern” you’re unprotected. For some reason it wont update automatically - my guess is so that if you do get a virus they can claim it’s not their fault.

Daily User

This is an essential app. This tool is a daily must, even on new Macs. Thanks for developing.

Working great

Thank you for an affordable software utility.



Let’s see how it goes

I was getting pop up and my mac started to get slow. I ran the free scan and found I had 24 viruses on my machine. I purchased the program to delete them. I will keep the program to see how it goes. very easy to install Anthony

Less than

At first, I loved this program, after about a week, I changed my mind rather fast. I’ve set the app to autoscan at 2am every morning. Great, Awesome, exactly what I wanted! A background scan while not using my computer. Wrong, if the software isn’t up to date, the scan doesn't seem to run. I could be wrong, though maybe it does with the current update, but I haven’t seen it happen while I was sitting at the computer at 2am. It’s just a window that says “Update the package” or something along those lines "Ok, cool no problem, no big deal, I’ll just have it auto update the package!" WRONG AGAIN! I’ve reached out to the developer and they have told me this app DOES NOT have an automatic update feature. You need to MANUALLY UPDATE this application. This means If you don't use your computer everyday, and/or forget to check and update ”the package," as they call it. Then your computer is then vulnerable to any potentially new virus since the last time you updated. Now I’m on my computer about once every 3 days or som, not everyday. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I am on it, I need to update this program! It’s super annoying! To be honest, I want a virus software that runs silently in the backghround and is very unintrusive. This one is very foreground and very intrusive. I do not recommend it at all and am on the hunt for a new app myself. I know I am in the minority of the reviews here, but I suggest you use this for a one time scan and clean, but pass on this for a sustainable long term virus app.

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